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Marine Surveyor
U.A.A. School of Engineering, Student
Hunter Terminel
Marine Surveyor
Alaska Army National Guard "Deployed"
Demi Shaffer
Marine Surveyor
USCG Licensed Master

Types of Surveys
Pre-Purchase Survey

This survey will be the most important thing you do before you sell or buy a boat. It will be the most comprehensive survey that gets done. It should be legible, laid out in a format that is understandable and be credible based on fact. Condition and Value should be based on observations of critical vessel particulars. The survey will cover structural integrity, all electrical components AC and DC powered, all mechanical, hydraulic, fuel, H20, charging and propulsion systems. All electronics should be Powered Up and inspected for any ground faults. Mechanical operation of the engines, marine gears, shafts and propellers should be inspected and tested. Moisture testing of the interior and wood components will be done. Fuel, water tanks and all related piping will be inspected. Conducting a sea trial is extremely important to determine not only the seaworthiness of a vessel. But will determine if you are satisfied with the performance and the overall condition of the vessel. A vessel may idle fine at the dock but under load and underway it could be sluggish and hard to steer. It is important to have a person who is not emotionally attached that can give an opinion that is clear and factual.

Condition and Value

Your insurance company may order a Condition and Value survey to determine the condition and value of a vessel. Your insurance company is interested in the overall structural integrity of the vessel and to assure that it is an insurable asset and not a risk. Most insurance companies want a survey on older vessels or vessels that are for commercial use.

Appraisal Survey

An appraisal is similar to a Condition and Value Survey. A financial institution needs to validate an asset if it is being put up for collateral. A judge or Lawyer in a divorce, estate planning or other legal case can also request an Appraisal Survey.

Barge Surveys:

Includes draft calculations, size of barge, types of product they may carry, liquids, oil, food grade oil, dry cargo, lumber sand, coal and/or cement products. Includes On-Hire, Off Hire, Insurance and Construction, NDT Audio Gauge and Damage Inspection.

Commercial Fishing Boats are surveyed for pre-purchase and insurance purposes.

Various type of fishing vessels are outfitted with different types of gear or equipment. Vessel tank configuration, electronic equipment, sonar, refrigeration equipment and deck equipment are all assessed in these surveys with written detail.

USCG Mandatory Commercial Fishing Vessels Examinations

These are mandatory inspections for certain Commercial Fishing Vessels that have been established in the United States. The USCG can do these inspections or a USCG Qualified Third Party Inspector may also do these inspections. When I come I inspect what's on the inspection sheet nothing else. When the USCG comes, they may also come with U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigration and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Good Luck.

Tug Boats:

Required surveys for insurance, pre-purchase and sea keeping abilities, depending on the job they may be doing. They can be leased and may be involved as on and off hire. Engine horsepower, length and draft, even stability testing may be involved.

Commercial Workboats

Today's workboats are hi-tech with little "old school" equipment left on them. It's integrated equipment with specialty engines and emission systems, sophisticated electronic and radio equipment require the latest know how and education to navigate. Our inspectors and surveyors are competent and informed with all the latest training and developments in Dynamic Positioning, USCG, ABS and DNV regulatory requirements.

Damage Survey

Damage can come in many ways on a vessel. It can come from backing your trailer into the gas pump or your vessel flying off the trailer at 65 mph on the highway. Fires, groundings, blown engines, hitting other vessels or being hit yourself is just naming a few ways your vessel can have damage. How your vessel gets fixed is determined initially by the damage survey. However, it often happens that missed issues in the primary survey were not accounted for. This is why an experienced competent survey needs to inspect your vessel.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud examinations involve careful gathering and analysis of data and details. Our investigation will encompass an organized determination of facts concerning specific events, occurrences or conditions for the investigation. When conducting an investigation this is essentials for resolving fraud allegations from inception to deposition. The proper procedures, techniques and skills must be used to conduct an effective fraud examination or investigation. If you suspect fraud in either a repair or you are an insurance company and need to investigate a fire, grounding or sinking of a vessel, an experienced marine surveyor is imperative. To get to the root cause, mitigate the data requires your inspectors undivided attention to detail. A clear understanding of the facts and how to get to the facts in instrumental. Delivering a comprehensive report that is based on fact is crucial.

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