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Michael Terminel
Principal Marine Surveyor
United States Coast Guard Unlimited Master
Over 35 years in the Maritime Industry
Serving the Pacific Northwest including Hawaii and Guam
Will travel Domestic and Internationally
Colton Terminel
Marine Surveyor
U.A.A. School of Engineering, Student
Hunter Terminel
Marine Surveyor
Alaska Army National Guard "Deployed"
Demi Shaffer
Marine Surveyor
USCG Licensed Master

Alaska Statewide Survey Services
What does a survey cost? Well that depends on the condition, type and location. There are a lot factors that weigh in. Marine Surveying is a business that provides a valuable service to the commercial maritime and recreational boating community.

A thirty-year-old vessel in not so fair condition with considerable underlying damage can take just as much time as a brand new hi tech vessel fitted with the latest and greatest electronics and accessories.

Today's vessels are now coming out with gyro stabilizers and complicated ramp doors and electronics that come straight out a Hollywood movie. This equipment takes a great bit of research to ascertain condition and value.

When surveying a vessel, experience plays a role. I've participated on the receiving end of surveys globally in countless countries. I can tell you that the Principal Surveyor can tell how things are going to go in the first 15 minutes. Are the logs and paperwork in order, is the vessel clean and neat, are the machinery spaces ready to go with dry bilges. If this is your vessel the survey should go smoothly even if items of repair are found.

When it comes time that you need a survey, and you ask "How Much" consider the following. Hopefully you're paying for experience. Personally I have 35 years' experience in various maritime industries. I have spent 50k in maritime schools and continuing education. I come on board with all NDT testing equipment. The final report you get comes from years of experience and is a specialized program specifically developed for Marine Surveys from Data Solutions.

I have an unconditional guarantee that if your insurance company or finance company does not accept the Report in writing, and I cannot resolve it with them in 72 hours after first contacting them. I will refund your money.

Your completed Marine Survey is peace of mind. If something was ever to happen to your vessel, it is collaborating evidence that on that date of the report that the vessel in question was in said condition. If something is not right with the survey, let your surveyor know. It is imperative to read every line of the survey once its delivered to you. Having a reputable surveyor who is associated with a recognized Survey Society is critical. These are usually not the cheapest.

When choosing your surveyor, don't be embarrassed to ask to see their credentials. Do they have a guarantee if your financial institute does not accept their survey? Ask what nondestructive testing will they perform. Will you have your report back in a timely manner, this should be 5 days or less.

Condition and Value Survey, Pre Purchase Survey, Insurance, Appraisals and Damage Surveys see the following approximate rates:

Vessels 20' to 30' - $16.00 ft. LOA
Vessels 31' to 50' - $17.00 ft. LOA
Vessels 50' to 60'- $20.00 ft. LOA
Vessels 60' to 70'- $22.00 ft. LOA
Vessels over 70' - Negotiable

Damage Surveys
Billable $125.00 hour
Per hourly rate billable at $125 hour

USCG Commercial Fishing Vessel Examinations
Call for a quote

Barge Surveys
Based per specific job. Call for a quote.

Expert Witness and Attorney Consultations
$125 per hour in Anchorage, Alaska. Outside of Anchorage Alaska Travel fees apply.

  • Above surveys include 50 road miles travel in Alaska from Anchorage.
  • Highway miles traveled over 51 miles are billed at billable at $100 per hour.
  • Seward, Anchorage, Kenai, Wasilla, Palmer and Eagle River exempt from travel mile expenditures if vessels are over 30 feet length over all, except if required to continue survey overnight.
  • ****Any Survey requiring overnight expenses will be paid by customer in advance but limited to hotel, meals and transportation. Most surveys take between 4 and 6 hours on site respectively on a 30' to 40' vessel, they can be completed in one day and will be scheduled to do so. However vessels with high damage or vessels that were not previously disclosed as having issues will be billed accordingly. These issues will normally be detected immediately and will be discussed with the customer immediately before continuing. These vessels will require an additional addendum for compensation.
  • Airfare paid by customer plus per diem for outside road system in Alaska.
  • Any overnight expenses paid by customer in advance but limited to hotel, meals and transportation.
  • Per hour rates of $100 per hour for active travel times
  • Plus, Survey rate per foot.
Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C. expects payment on the day of inspection. Absolutely no information regarding your survey will be released without payment in full. Payments are accepted in cash, check, money order, or credit card. Most major credit cards accepted including:
Square Credit Cards Accepted Diners Club

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