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Michael Terminel
Principal Marine Surveyor
United States Coast Guard Unlimited Master
Over 35 years in the Maritime Industry
Serving the Pacific Northwest including Hawaii and Guam
Will travel Domestic and Internationally
Colton Terminel
Marine Surveyor
U.A.A. School of Engineering, Student
Hunter Terminel
Marine Surveyor
Alaska Army National Guard "Deployed"
Demi Shaffer
Marine Surveyor
USCG Licensed Master

Vessel Delivery Services
Vessel Delivery Services Our vessel delivery skippers are all USCG Unlimited Masters. Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C.'s crew are highly experienced and qualified mariners. We have an extensive network of experienced and trusted sailors located around the US and Internationally. Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C. ensures that all vessel deliveries are made safely, legally, and work with the owners to assure that their requirements are followed. We will work with you to determine what is best for you and your vessel from the first day until the job is completed.

We take the time to get to know what are client's needs are. We will handle all the logistics and mitigate all the risk for you. Managing vessel relocations, dealing with vessel agents or brokers takes time and experience. Let our team of consultants develop a plan that is right for you. Cost effective solutions will give you peace of mind and added security.

I personally hold a USCG Unlimited Masters license of any gross tons upon oceans and a USCG Master 3000 gross tons of Auxiliary Sail Vessels. I have sailed globally for the last 30 years as a charter captain and merchant sailor. My team of professional mariners all hold USCG Unlimited Licenses and have global experience. No 100 tonners here. All team members are known to Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C. and are not part of the team unless recommended by a team member.

Having an experienced crew with today's knowledge of electronics and engineering is imperative. Our highly trained engineers are quick at trouble shooting and problem solving. Our bridge officers specialize in today's complicated and integrated bridge systems.

Vessel Delivery Services Deck crews are available utilizing known crew members in the USA. If time restraints exist for visa's and foreign crews abroad are required, we utilize a known crewing agency that has been used by myself in Europe since 2012.

All crew are properly vetted and undergo an exhaustive back ground check by a third party provider prior to being recommended for any job. A.S.A. crew members are enrolled in a company sponsored random drug testing program.

If your vessel is stranded in a foreign country and the crew deserted it, or unfortunately you had to let them go, we can go in and bring it home. Under special circumstances we can even do repossessions.

Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C. has the experience to bring your vessel to a location or pick it up and bring it home. Our team of professionals have the experience to safely navigate your valuable resource to its next port. We do not bulk price. Every delivery is different and we will mitigate and maximize crew efficiency. Call for a quote today.

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