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Michael Terminel
Principal Marine Surveyor
United States Coast Guard Unlimited Master
Over 35 years in the Maritime Industry
Serving the Pacific Northwest including Hawaii and Guam
Will travel Domestic and Internationally
Colton Terminel
Marine Surveyor
U.A.A. School of Engineering, Student
Hunter Terminel
Marine Surveyor
Alaska Army National Guard "Deployed"
Demi Shaffer
Marine Surveyor
USCG Licensed Master

About Michael Terminel
What sets Surveyors apart is experience. Captain Michael Terminel received his first USCG License in 1987, currently he holds a United States Coast Guard Captain of Unlimited Gross Tons upon all oceans. In addition, he holds the following USCG licenses, endorsement and foreign licenses.
  • USCG Licensed Federal Pilot of Any Gross Tons Ports of Dutch Harbor and Captains Bay, Alaska
  • USCG Master 3000 Gross Tons of Auxiliary Sail Upon Oceans
  • USCG Master of Towing AGT Upon Oceans
  • Republic of Vanuatu Master of Any Gross Tons Upon Oceans
  • STCW Endorsements: Ice Navigator, Tankerman PIC, ECDIS, Medical Care PIC, AB Unlimited, AB Unlimited Sail, Lifeboatman, Fast Rescue Craft, GMDSS, Unlimited Radar, ARPA, GMDSS, Security Officer
  • Industry Endorsements: Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Class 3 Experience, Helicopter Landing Officer, Helicopter Underwater Egress, Red Cross CPR Instructor Trainer, AMSEA Instructor
  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors "SAMS® AMS®"
He has used the above licenses as a Master of multiple vessels around the world for almost 30 years. From a humble 6 pack Captain on Maui to Unlimited Tonnage Ice Breakers, making over 30 round trips to Antarctica and multiple trips to the Arctic, he has seen a lot. His last post was the Master of an Unlimited Tonnage Sub Sea Construction Ship working globally. He has a vast amount of experience on smaller craft and yachts as well. He has worked in the charter fleets in multiple areas of the US since 1983. He also is the proud owner of a 40' convertible Sport Fisher in Alaska.

Having the experience of shipping globally has given Captain Terminel a unique opportunity of seeing hundreds of vessel audits, surveys and regulatory conditions that a surveyor working out of just one area or port would not be exposed to. He has worked with the USCG closely for the last 30 years along with Classification Societies to include ABS and DNV. Working on several continents with several countries port state controls he has acquired decades of experience with audits and surveys covering Hull and Machinery, Propulsion, Sail, Cargo Securing, Cargo Handling, Cargo Warranty, Sub Chapter I, K, L, M and T, Uninspected Passenger Vessels, Commercial Vessels, Commercial Fishing vessels and Towing vessels.

Captain Terminel has been invited to speak at multiple International Conference and participation on an International forum on the following to include the Arctic Imperative in 2011, Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment in 2010, and the US National Academy of Science in 2012. He has authored technical papers to include Arctic Navigation in March 2015. He also helped write and was approved to teach the first IMO STCW Ice Navigation class approved by the USCG in the U.S.

Captain Terminel is prepared and experienced to handle most of the criteria that is presented with Maritime Consulting, Marine Surveys and Appraisals. Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C. is prepared to work with its clients in finding the right solutions.

Giving back to the community has always been a core value for Captain Terminel. He is currently the Board Chair of the Alaska Vocational Technical Education Centers Maritime Advisory Board, he is also currently a Board Member of the Alaska Chapter Boys and Girls Club, past Corporate Board Chair of the American Red Cross Alaska Chapter and past Board Member of the Alaska Resource Development Council. He is a member on the State of Alaska Arctic Ad Hoc Council for Arctic Issues, he volunteers with the National Ski Patrol in Alaska and is an American Red Cross CPR Instructor Trainer.

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