Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C., Michael Terminel, SAMS® SA, Eagle River (Anchorage), Alaska Alaska Survey Associates L.L.C.
P.O. Box 772423 Eagle River (Anchorage), Alaska, 99577
Call: 907-360-2145 or 907-280-8771
Fax 907-726-0510 - Email:
Michael Terminel
Principal Marine Surveyor
Colton Terminel
Marine Surveyor
U.A.A. School of Engineering, Student
Hunter Terminel
Marine Surveyor
Alaska Army National Guard " Active"
Over 35 years in the Maritime Industry
Serving the Pacific Northwest including Hawaii and Guam
Will travel Domestic and Internationally

How To Contact Us
Michael A. Terminel, SA
Alaska Survey Associates
P.O. Box 772423
Eagle River, Alaska 99577



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